Nordic Voice by Helle Thun

Vocal Art with Helle Thun. A new voice & ancient sounds from Scandinavian landscapes.

Helle Thun


“Her tradition of unbroken Nordic folk music and song tradition is both personal and authentic, paired with artistic talent, language skills and great voice potential. The result is something unique on the Danish culture scene.”
Ivar Mæland (N)

Places I’ve taught and performed include:
Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Great Brittain, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, USA, Quebec, Canada and Denmark.

I grew up as a farm girl in the countryside of south Jutland in Denmark. At 20 I became a wilderness educator in Sweden and spent two years immersed in the mountains learning traditional crafts. There I experienced great freedom and found the inner strength to live a solo life in the wilderness.

Helle Thun

Along my path in Sweden, I encountered old song traditions, beautiful folk music and the avant-garde theater scene, all of which inspired me to express myself with the voice. At that point I switched careers to become a singer — there was no alternative.

I’ve worked since 2000 as a professional singer, mezzo soprano and performing artist who has studied composition, opera, vocal improvisation, musicology and performing arts. In 2014 I received the prestigious “Zorn” bronze medal for my skills in kulning. Through my studies and my work over time, I have gathered an exciting and truly unique toolbox of methods both professionally, technically, artistically and pedagogically.

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