Nordic Voice by Helle Thun

Vocal Art with Helle Thun. A new voice & ancient sounds from Scandinavian landscapes.



 NORDIC voice Playlist


2017: “P2 celebrates voices” about Kulning

Radio interview from Danish Broadcasting company DR in “P2 fejrer stemmer” (P2 celebrates voices, 21.11.17) about Kulning (interview in Danish).


2017 “Good Sheperds”

“GOOD SHEPHERDS” by Faudon Movies featuring The Nordic Voice

Be alert soon after 00:56 – shortly herafter you will hear the kulning introduction of “Shepherds Moon”, by Helle Thun (kulning) &  Anders Peev (nyckelharpa)

2010 “Raid of the Rainbow Lounge”

Documentary produced by Robert L. Camina.
The Nordic Voice appears on the soundtrack for the trailer in the piece “My Garden”  from Haiku Music


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